Jasper Makes His Escape

Unity are running a biweekly series of live sessions "The Road to Real-time: Animation for the real-time generation". These sessions explore all aspects of using the Unity engine for real-time animation. The series comes with a complete asset store pack of environment objects and animatable characters. (See the announcement on the Unity Blog here, and... Continue Reading →


Six-year old Clara demands to know what clouds are. Written for the #FridayFlash communities on Google+ and Facebook, and in a shorter-form for the Cafe Doom Flash Challenge.

Grave Flowers

Flash fiction story written for #FridayFlash. This is the story of Reverend Peters and an encounter in the graveyard of his church.


In this story Inspector Thompson, braves incessant rain to search for one more connection between ten criminals, and perhaps prove their innocence. Originally written for the Café Doom Flash Challenge, this version has been tidied up and became my debut Friday Flash.

The Boyfriend

'The Boyfriend' concerns Laura, her boyfriend, and her obsession with chocolate. It was written for the weekly Doom Flash Challenge at Cafe Doom in week 311 from the prompt word 'Chocolate'.

Company for Lost Souls

'Company for Lost Souls' was written for the Doom Flash Challenge after a break of 679 days and did rather better than my only other previous attempt. The prompt word for the week 301 was 'Beach'.

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