The Boyfriend

The dagger point pierced the table top, a hair’s breadth from his outstretched fingers, the slender blade glinting as it reverberated from the impact.

“No!” Laura’s slender fingers gripped tight to the dagger still upright in the table.

“Shit! What the fuck?” the boyfriend stared at his so nearly impaled hand. “I was just reaching…”

“I know what you were after,” Laura cut him short.

“Look, come on, let’s not spoil a lovely meal,” the boyfriend said, locking eyes with hers.

“Piss off, you’re not having it, not now not ever – no one messes like that with me.” As she spoke the boyfriend’s other hand inched across the table towards her…

“I told you no!” Eyes still locked with his she ripped the blade from the table and sent it in an arc narrowly missing the boyfriend’s face to impale the moving hand. Blood oozed from the wound.

His head shot back, his bright azure blue eyes in which she had once lost herself in passion opened wide in shock and then moved to follow her hand and blade as she ripped it from his hand.

This time the arc was different slicing neatly through his exposed throat creating a plume of crimson fluid. By the time she had finished her swing the boyfriend had slumped, gargling his final breaths face down on the table.

Laura looked at the mess. “I told you no! No one messes with my chocolate.”


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