Jasper Makes His Escape

Unity are running a biweekly series of live sessions “The Road to Real-time: Animation for the real-time generation”. These sessions explore all aspects of using the Unity engine for real-time animation. The series comes with a complete asset store pack of environment objects and animatable characters. (See the announcement on the Unity Blog here, and the list of sessions and recordings here.)

In the first session on Pre-Visualisation, the presenter Ben Radcliffe, used one of the characters hugely enlarged in the style of Pacific Rim and I’ve used the same in my take.

Jasper (the Badger) is, apparently, a baddie. In my short animation he makes a roof top escape from the bunnies helped by his giant cousin. Watch it on YouTube here.

I mostly used the Realtime Rascals assets, with a couple of my own animations (using Blender), and helicopters created with Unity’s ProBuilder. (The helicopters are a bit rough and ready, but originally I was going to have a night scene and they’d barely be visible.)

Clearly there is lots that can be improved, but creating this was fun!


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